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2009 Rates
Weekday Fees
18 Holes
9 Holes
After 4:00 PM
$20.00 all you can play
League Fees

Weekend / Holiday Fees
18 Holes
9 Holes
After 4:00 PM
$20.00 all you can play
  * Juniors restrictions apply. Call pro shop for details.
Cart Fees
18 Holes - $15.00 per person
9 Holes - $9.00 per person
Driving Range

Small Bucket - approximately 45 balls - $4.00

Large Bucket - approximately 100 balls - $8.00

Discount Passes


Five (5) 18 Hole Rounds for $170.00. Can be used anytime weekdays and after 11:00 AM on weekends and holidays. Advance tee times required.

Ten (10) 18 Hole Rounds for $340.00. Can be used anytime weekdays and after 11:00 AM on weekends and holidays. Advance tee times required.

Twenty (20) 9 Hole Rounds for $360.00. Can be used anytime weekdays and after 11:00 AM on weekends and holidays. Advance tee times required.


Ten (10) 9 Hole Cart Card for $85.00

Ten (10) 18 Hole Cart Card for $140.00


Ten (10) Large Buckets for $70.00



2009 Plausawa Valley Country Club Outside Events Rules and Policies
Please Call the Pro Shop at (603) 928-7473 for more information


Shotgun Starts on Weekends must be approved by our Board of Directors.

Tee Time Policy

Shotgun Starts will be authorized for 40 players or more if PVCC supplies the meal for the event, weekdays only.

Shotgun Starts will be authorized for 60 players or more if PVCC does or doesn't supply the meal, weekdays only.

Weekend tournaments will start after 10:00am only, unless approved by the B.O.D.

There will be no shotgun starts on weekends unless approved by the B.O.D.

Shotgun Starts in June, July and August will begin no earlier than 8:30am on the weekdays.

Shotgun Starts in May, September and October will begin no earlier than 9:00am on the weekdays.

Any change in the policies must be must be approved by the B.O.D.

You may not use any coupons or specials to pay for any outing event.

PVCC will provide Scorecards, Scoring of the Event, Setup of any Special Activities, Cart Identification Signs and any help you may need in organizing your event.

PVCC requires a $200.00 deposit for any new tournament to hold a golf event date. No separate special coupons will be accepted for discount of any kind during an outing event. We need an exact number of players 7 days prior to the event. If you have more players, you will pay for the additional players, if there are fewer players, you will pay for the number of players agreed upon.

** Condensed Version of Policies

Tee Time Policy:
We accept tee times up to 5 days in advance by calling the pro shop at 603-224-6267; You need to check in 15 minutes prior to your scheduled tee time.

Dress Code:
You are required to wear a shirt with a collar; no tank tops, fishnets, or belly shirts are allowed. Jeans are acceptable if they are neat and clean, no cut offs. All forms of athletic shorts seat pants, spandex pants, or bathing suits will not be allowed.

Spikeless Policy:
We are a soft spike facility. No metal spikes of any kind will be allowed on the course. Our staff will be happy to assist you in changing over your metal spikes if you arrive early enough for your tee time.

Beverage Policy:
Please advise all members of your group consumption of alcoholic beverages on the golf course is prohibited unless sold to you by our on-course vendor. Violators of this policy can face fines of up to $200, and be asked to leave the course immediately. This change in policy will be clearly posted, so please inform your group of this change in our policy to avoid any embarrassment and conflict.

Rules and Etiquette Policy:
The essence of good behavior on the course is to play and maintain our facility so that everyone will derive maximum pleasure and pride in its condition and use. Such behavior includes posting all scores, adhering to the dress code, raking bunkers, obeying the cart rules, repairing divots and ball marks, keeping up with the group in front of you, and carefully observing the established rules, regulations and etiquette of the game of golf.

Power Cart Policy:
NO person under the age of 16 may drive a power cart at any time. All drivers must have a valid driver's license. Mistreatment of the carts will result in immediate a suspension of use. Any player causing ANY DAMAGES to the cart through their mistreatment of the cart will be held responsible to pay for any repairs or replacement of the cart. This will be at the discretion of the Pro Shop, General Manager, or the Board of Directors. Carts on ALL PAR 3'S and HOLE #18 will stay ON the cart paths. All carts will use the 90-degree rule, unless so ordered by the Pro Shop because of course conditions. Carts will also stay at least 30-feet from all greens and tees.

Driving Range and Putting Green Policy:
Hours may vary according to the weather and other conditions. The Pro Shop, starters and rangers will monitor the putting green and driving range activity. There is a practice sand trap on the driving range. There will be no practicing on the course sand traps. The dress code will apply to the driving range and the putting green.

Tournaments and Events Policy:
Any tournament that would effectively close the course to normal play will be posted 14 days in advance. All Pro Shop credit won in ALL tournaments will be used for pro shop merchandise only. All pro shop credit must be used by November 16th of the current golf season. Outside events may not be granted tee times before 10:00 a.m. on weekends or holidays unless approved by the Board of Directors.

**The complete P.V.C.C. Policy Handbook is available in the Pro Shop.